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This company was founded by an engineer (Mustafa Azoulaye) who enjoyed his profession but was frustrated at all of the red tape which plagued the industries he worked in. Knowing that he could do a better job he set out to create his own company and provide professional design engineering services which were valued on an intrinsic basis.

Having experienced mechanical engineering from a wide range of industries and perspectives, from petrochemical refiners to sub-nanometer semiconductor lithography machines and from the CAD workstation to the CNC machining workshop. It is safe to say that we have more than enough competence in order to tackle even the toughest of design challenges.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is a very simple one, namely, to give every organization and individual who has the ambition to bring a physical product to market the needed design engineering services in order to achieve that.


Our main focus consists of designing the 3D geometries and material specifications in order to comply with the customer needs, but we also have electronics and programming competences which allow us to design and implement small scale mechatronic systems.

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