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We are active in a wide area of engineering disciplines, here's a breakdown of our activities within each area.


We're also able to simulate a wide variety of structural & thermal based phenomena with the help of our CAE tools. These start from basic numerical modeling tasks to multi-physical coupled models.

The main area of operations consist of the following disciplines:

  • Linear Static Analysis

  • Linear Dynamic Analysis

  • Non-Linear Static Analysis

  • Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis

  • Fatigue Analysis

  • Contact & Friction Modeling

  • Crack Initiation & Propagation Modeling

  • Thermo-Mechanical Analysis


Within this area we're mostly focused on developing 3D CAD models and production ready drawings for a wide variety tools. From test benches to arm support tools, we have the experience and know how to not only develop but also verify the integrity of a design through a structural finite element simulation.

The design of a mechanical system can be separated into the following stages:

  • Analyzing & Defining Requirements

  • Conceptual Design

  • Detailed Design

  • Creating Manufacturing Documentation

Here is an example of a prototype for a wearable arm support we're working on internally:

As part of our attempt to diversify our knowledge base we also perform so called demonstration cases, these are design challenges which fall outside of our current area of operations. One small example is the DEMOSAT boilerplate platform which was designed and engineered with the help of open-source tools (FreeCAD & Code_Aster):


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